Hey Coconuts!

Our names our Ariel Carter & Ryan Thompson! We are the owners and founders of The Drunken Coconut! We share the same passion as all of you; Music. Music is what consumes our lives and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

So you may be asking yourself; What exactly is The Drunken Coconut? The Drunken Coconut is a Canadian based music marketing and consulting company that we launched in April of 2016. We provide a wide variety of services for all artists, labels, agencies and other musical personal to help progress their careers. Since our launch we have worked with hundreds of artists of all genres across the world, developed the world's highest monetized platform in the music industry called The Husk, have helped thousands of artists with our free content, have wrote a massive marketing and music promotion guide called "Sacred Coconut Writings, and continue to grow our artists and ourselves everyday.

We understand this industry that we grow to love so much can feel overwhelming and impossible at times but that doesn't mean you should have to go through it alone. We are hear to help guide you through just about every aspect of the music industry or project you need help with.

Our company helps you with music promotion across all major social media platforms, website development, press kit design and write ups, full branding and re-branding, album artwork, project management, consulting, contracts, label/blog placement, personal representation, detailed analytic reports for your music promotion, audio visualizer videos and so much more! 

We have been through tons of run arounds and hassles that this industry throws your way and we are here to help you avoid them as best we can. Everything we do is fully transparent, one on one, customizable, personal and budget based. We want all of our coconuts to feel completely safe and comfortable when using our services. We focus on nothing but positivity and good vibes!

When it comes to promoting your music and accelerating your growth, The Drunken Coconut is your paradise!

We keep you rolling!