Making Money With SoundCloud

Making Money With SoundCloud

Ahhh yes. Money. We all want it and we all want a lot of it. Making revenue in the Music industry has never been an easy task. Especially for independent musicians. 

You would be lying to yourself and everyone you know if you said you didn’t want to make money doing something you love. In this case, it’s music. Sure, it’s awesome doing music as a hobby but you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t after making some revenue.

Let’s jump right in.

It is unfortunate that one of the biggest music platforms for artists doesn’t directly monetize your streams (or anything for that matter). That platform being SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a giant in the music streaming world but has yet to bring a simple and effective monetization model for all artists to their platform. Sure, they have SoundCloud premiere but that is by invites only and/or you need to be signed with labels. That is also very time consuming and involves paperwork. There are also platforms such as “The Repost Network” you can try but once again, it is not a simple solution and you need to be excepted.

Up until now, there hasn’t been an easy and effective way to make money on SoundCloud as an artist or label.

The Answer…The Husk!

The easiest and most effective way to earn money on SoundCloud is through The Husk. Period. The Husk is a completely free download gate platform available to EVERYONE. This platform monetizes your growth instead of streams. So instead of money per stream, you are paid for every follower you gain. Pretty great eh!?

The Husk is the only industry platform that keeps things free and pays its users an extremely high rate. You are paid to simply grow. We aren’t talking about a few pennies here and there. We are talking some big money for doing absolutely nothing. You are paid out 10 cents per follower gained. That means for every 100 followers you gain $10. Think about that for a second. $10 to grow 100 followers. The money is endless and has already helped thousands of artists both big and small.

You can now monetize your growth. The set up is also insanely simple. You don’t even need to make an account. You just sign in with your SoundCloud account, create a gate, and start earning revenue. It’s honestly that simple.

Best Of Both Worlds

For the first time ever, you can easily grow and make money for doing so. It really is the best of both worlds. As an artist, you need a few important things to be successful: Fans, great content, & a monetization method to keep afloat.

The Husk gives you that.  Release your track for free download, keep fans happy and coming back for more, and make money for doing just that! What more could you want?

Now that you know about The Husk, pay no attention to when people say there is no way to make money on SoundCloud. It is now one of the most profitable and easy platforms to earn revenue on, thanks to The Husk.

We will stop talking your ear off! You can learn more about the platform here & here.


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