Social Numbers: What They Can Do For You (Spotify - SoundCloud - Youtube)

Social Numbers

Yes, we understand that there can be fake accounts out there that buy bots, but for the sake of this article, we are focusing on real and active channels that have worked hard to get the numbers they have.

The music industry is like any other industry when it comes to the numbers a channel or individual has. The more numbers mean more popularity and more popularity perks interest.

How many times have you been scrolling through social media and started watching a video simply because it had a high view count?

How many times do you search for something and tend to click the content that has more likes or comments?

How often do you join in a conversation or follow a post online simply because it’s has more people?

How often do you find yourself looking at identical content but liking one more because it looks more popular?

We are all guilty of moving towards content and world events that have a mass following. Why? Because we are human and we feel safe in numbers. We want to be a part of something and feel the excitement. It’s natural human behavior.

Let’s apply this to your Music career. We know that people will flock to a channel, label, curator, or playlist by one thing and one thing only. The Number. 9 times out of 10, the number of followers is what people will look at first. They don’t even care about the content yet. They see a big number and they immediately need to check it out. It may just be the next biggest thing everyone needs to be a part of.

Numbers are essential for your music career. Whether you like it or not, you need them. We don’t care if you have the best music in the world. Without a good following, you will have a hard time getting anywhere. Once you understand the importance of numbers you can start focusing your career on growth.

So what can numbers really do for you? (Even if your content isn’t the greatest)

For starters, you will be taken more seriously. Sad but true. If you have a great following you can bet people will treat you with more respect and you will be taken seriously. Why? Because look at those numbers!

You will be recognized and stand out from the crowd. That number is going to make you shine through everyone. A big number is hard to resist.

It will help you receive responses from A&R departments, talent scouts, labels, curators, and other forms of media. Why? Because of numbers.

You are more likely to receive sponsorship offers and tours. Why? Numbers. That’s it. Numbers.

I think you are starting to get the point. Numbers are essential to thriving in the music industry.

Take Us For Example

We started our 2017 year with less than 20k SoundCloud followers and we didn’t even have Spotify or Youtube. We tried to reach out to artists and other music personal but it was tough.

The responses we received were vague, abrupt rejection, and the majority of people just didn’t take us seriously at all. We could have offered everyone the best content in the world but no one would bat an eye simply because the number they saw was too small.

We were also told many times that we should connect back with companies when we grew our numbers. So instead of moping around and giving up, we made a change. We took action and grew across all social platforms.

Fast forward to today and we have grown to over 220k on SoundCloud, 87k on Spotify, and in just one month grew 2k Youtube subscribers.

Since our massive and rapid growth, our company has flourished. The emails began piling up, we were easily recognizable with SEO, we were given endless business opportunities, and made tons of new and valuable contacts. This was all because of our numbers. Once that number went up it was like we were a whole new entity. We were all of a sudden popular and people wanted to know more and connect.

Numbers are one of the, if not the most valuable when it comes to the online world. You need them. Your life will become a whole lot easier. We are not saying that numbers solely alone will keep you afloat but it is a massive step in the right direction. You will still need to keep the content great and regular while maintaining a professional brand if you want to succeed.

If you need help with your growth you can sign up with our platform Grow With Us here.

Now get out there and start growing!

The Drunken Coconut