Youtube Growth Just Became Easier Than Ever!

    Youtube is finally here!

What does this mean?

Alongside growing on Spotify & SoundCloud you can now grow your subscribers on Youtube just as easily. It is now the most effective way to grow your Youtube channel in the industry. Since the integration of Youtube, hundreds of artists and other content creators/curators have been using it for its effectiveness and simplicity. Youtube is a fairly difficult platform to grow on and is incredibly saturated (more-so than other socials). This means two things:

The bad:

You will most likely have a harder time gaining traction.

The Good:

You have millions of users at your disposal.

All you have to do is grab their attention. With Grow With Us now supporting Youtube, you can do just that. 

We will use our own channel as an example. 

At the beginning of 2018 (January 3rd to be exact) we launched our first Youtube channel. At the time of this article, we have grown to 4.5k subscribers. That means in just 2 months we grew from 0 to over 4 thousand new subscribers. With new subscribers, we have seen an increase in our views, engagements, emails, and other socials. This is how powerful Grow With Us is for your Youtube. 

The majority of new artists/curators we have spoken with, have been struggling to gain a few hundred subscribers within months to (in some cases) years. It is very difficult as an artist or other music personal to start and thrive with a brand new music channel on Youtube.

Stop wasting time on old methods such as sub for sub and trying to beg your friends to subscribe. (This isn't the best strategy for major growth). Grow With Us will help your Subscriber growth on Youtube immensely and quickly! 

You just need to worry about content and let our platform do the rest.


The Drunken Coconut