Follow For Follow - Why It's Impractical

Follow for Follow - It's Just Not Worth It

There are more efficient ways to grow a following

Let us first say that follow for follow can (if you are lucky) work…or somewhat work..but not really. Keep in mind this method is not scalable and is extremely time-consuming. You will spend more time on this then you would like and for very little return. It’s just not practical. You are going to have a seriously hard time growing a brand from asking people to follow you if you follow them back.

Follow for follow is something we see constantly. Especially among artists. We understand it’s hard to gain an audience and while follow for follow seems great, it’s not. If follow for follow truly worked then no one would have trouble with growth.

Every day we see endless statuses asking to “drop your links below and follow for follow - Let's grow together” type thing. We then see hundreds of comments from people saying they followed and asking for the return, yet only a handful of people actually do what they said. It’s just too much time to put into only gain a few followers. It may be great to gain a handful of followers over a few weeks or even months but scaling to tens of thousands is going to be near impossible. Could you imagine trying to follow 10k people in hopes they actually follow you back? That would not only take endless time but it’s just not going to work. Not to mention that these people are just following you to get a follower back. They aren’t there for your music and it’s very unlikely they will even look at your music. 

Follow for follow makes you, as an artist, seem desperate. Not to be harsh, but it's a very amateur way of marketing. Constantly asking people to follow you back...yuck. You do not want to be doing this for life. You need to find a way to grow organically and quickly. Put growth on auto.

We just want you all to keep in mind that there are better ways to grow your channels without spamming these types of statuses and wasting so much of your own time when you could be spending it on other things.  As an artist (or any musical personal), you are going to want to maximize your growth and minimize the time it takes. This is the best of both worlds. Growing while doing half the work or no work at all. (Hinting at you Grow With Us..seriously use this platform) You want to get to the point where follow for follow doesn’t even cross your mind. 

Spend your time with other avenues to grow instead of heavily relying on follow for follow. 

The Drunken Coconut

Ryan Thompson