The How To Guide for getting on Spotify Playlists!

Getting On Playlists


Things to keep in mind before pitching

You need a Brand

You need quality content

You need numbers (Not mandatory but will help)

Professional artwork

Create a playlist for your music for easy listening

Your “About” section is clear and professional

Be ready to share playlists on social media to show support


Let’s begin.

Spotify playlists are a godsend. That is…if you can actually get on them. Playlists are what every artist is aiming to get onto. Whether it be a small curated playlist or Spotify owned playlists, you need to be on as many as you can. It’s simple: The more playlists your song is on, the more people listen, the more people listen, the more revenue you make, and your name becomes more recognizable.

With millions of playlists on Spotify, it would seem that it shouldn’t be hard to get on them, or at least some of them. In reality, it seems as though it’s impossible to. Especially for underground artists. We aren’t going to lie and say it’s easy. It can be really difficult, especially if you’re just starting out. The good news is that technology is constantly moving forward and there are endless blogs, apps, and a variety of other platforms that make finding and sending to playlists easier. Simply googling “Spotify playlists” will bring up a ton to reach out to. Yes, we understand that the hardest part is finding the right email or contact form to reach out to as they aren’t always easily accessible.

How to find more information regarding the playlist

If you found a playlist you absolutely would love to get on, then do some research. Dig a little deeper as 9 times out of 10 the playlist contact or owner will not be easily found. Majority of curated playlists do not even have a website or form as they are independent curators who pick music themselves on their own time. Sometimes playlists are inaccessible unless you know the right person.

This is where networking is key. You need to network, especially if you are having no luck finding emails online. Utilize Social media and join in groups. Yes, we know this is vague but it works. Thousands of curators and other artists are all around you. They are literally right in front of you. You just need to get your name out there. Don’t be afraid to ask around, post in groups, etc etc. This all helps. You never know who you will meet. Knowing someone personally and creating a solid personal relationship will do wonders for you. You never know who you just met knows. They may open a new door for you that will help you out tremendously.

Utilizing Paid Promotion

As most of you probably already know, paying for Spotify placements is a thing. You can pay companies and other curators to put you on their playlists and hopefully help drive those streams up. Please make sure you know who you are paying beforehand and make sure you’re comfortable doing so. We do not want you to be scammed or left hanging. You can find these online.

Our recommendation is to use platforms like submithub. A trusted community and platform that is flooding with curators ready to hear your demos. You will not find everyone here but there is a solid group of them you can access with ease. Paid promotion is an easy way to gain access to thousands of curated playlists both big and small.

In the end, the best way to access these playlists is to simply network. Networking will honestly help you out tremendously. Put a few hours a week into networking and you will be surprised with who you meet and what can happen! 

Spotify Owned Playlists

Getting onto Spotify owned playlists is not easy. They are curated by hand by the Spotify team. You cannot find emails or contact info to simply message them or send a demo for review. The only way you are getting on these playlists is if your track is doing substantially well, you’re famous, or you know someone who knows a guy who knows a guy. You need streams and a lot of them. The algorithm needs to see that your track is doing well and is gaining a lot of traction from both streams and playlists. Only then, will Spotify’s team take your track into consideration for their major playlists.

Focus getting your track into as many playlists as you can to better your chances of organically being added to their big playlists. 

Just remember to never give up! Keep making music and releasing new content regularly!

Searching for Playlists

So you have a new release and don’t know where to begin searching for Playlists to reach out to. The first thing you will want to do is head over to Spotify and use their search function. You will find millions (literally) of playlists. You will want to narrow your search down to suit your track. This includes The mood/vibe of the song (Is it sad, upbeat etc) and the genre (House, Rock, Pop etc). This will help focus your search to similar playlists that are tailored to you and similar artists. Please do not reach out to curators who do not support your style of music. It is a waste of time for everyone.

Do your research on the playlist and then send an email or use their preferred method of contact. Be sure to stay polite and open a dialogue between you and the curator. You will want to start a relationship.

**You can also use search methods such as Google, Facebook, and various apps/websites to find curators.**

Hope this helps! We will keep this article updated! Good luck out there!


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Ryan Thompson