Musicians Etiquette

Let's Talk About Etiquette

Etiquette. Something every human on this earth needs to understand. This article we look at some very simple, yet crucial etiquette techniques to follow when pushing your way into the Music Industry. If you want to succeed and make a career out of music all while maintaining a professional and respectable persona, then you need to follow the following.

Address Professionally

When talking to other networks, clients, artists, or any other individual you always want to be professional. Your goal is to build a relationship. Unless you already know certain individuals and you're both on a friend to friend basis, you will want to stay away from words that you would use with friends such: Bro, Bruh, Fam, Dude, Yo, Man etc. Address by name and be personable. When addressing individuals pretend you're talking to a potential employer or your boss. This will help you keep away from slang or inappropriate words. Keep it professional. Always.

Don't Mass Tag On Social Media

Mass tagging is one of the worst things you can do as an artist on social media. It's really annoying and doesn't do anything for you. If you're tagging hundreds of random "friends" to check out your new track, contest, or video, chances are they will either remove the tag, ignore the post, or block you. The only time this is acceptable is if all the tagged members asked to be tagged or kept informed. Never is it okay to tag hundreds of random people. It creates a negative effect and won't help you. You can still post what you want but there is no need for mass tagging. Send your post or link directly to your friends and others who are actually interested.

Don't Be A Spammy Robot

Auto messaging is an extremely big annoyance. This is a great way to end up becoming blocked quickly. Take a few extra seconds and personalize the message to whom you're sending to. If you constantly spam others with the same message you will find yourself with little to no replies. It shows the recipient you just don't care about taking the care and time to message them personally. Avoid auto messages. This does not apply to automated responses for vacation time away from the office or when emailing your mailing list.

Talk Then Promote

Building a relationship is very important, especially in this industry. You never want to send your track link (or whatever it may be) the first thing you meet someone new. You need to get to know them first. We understand some people want you to get directly to the point, but you need to talk a little bit before you promote yourself. Never start a conversation with "Hey BRO!!! I have a new track. Please check it out! k thanks! #fam". This is just rude and annoying. No one likes receiving messages like this, ever. It's even worse when it's the first thing someone ever says to you. Try saying "hello" once in a while and start a conversation. You will come across more professional and you never know who someone might be!

Have Patience

Patience. This is something a lot of people lack. They want things, and they want these things now. You have to realize we are all human, and we all have our daily routines. If someone or a company is taking a bit to get back, please remain patient. The world does not revolve around you. Remember that the recipient has a life away from social media and their jobs. Refrain from sending the irritating messages such as; Helloo,? sending question marks, You there? Wow, you're ignorant, sending nothing but..........., and any other rude comments. This is just plain ignorant. There are other ways to send a follow-up email or check in. Always be patient.

Don't Be Ignorant

If you are ignorant in any way towards another individual you can bet you will ruin relationships pretty fast. There is absolutely no reason to be ignorant towards anyone. Ever. Being ignorant does nothing but make things worse off for yourself. You also never want to jump to conclusions about anything or anyone. Providing false accusations to the public can get you in some serious legal trouble. You never know when you may need someone in the future. The old saying "Don't burn bridges" couldn't be more accurate. Remember to be professional and polite to everyone.

Don't Be Arrogant

This industry is full of arrogance and individuals thinking they deserve the world. No one likes people who are constantly bragging and demand everything. They think the world should be handed to them on a platter. This is just rude. There are tons of artists who are respectful in this industry and those are the ones who will progress forward. The more you continue to think you're the best, the faster you will fall. By all means, let the world know about your accomplishments but remember to keep your ego at a minimal. Stay humble. 

These are just a few things to help improve your artist etiquette. There are many other ways to make sure your etiquette is professional and correct, most of which is common sense. Just remember to constantly be polite and treat others like you would like to be treated. If everyone (not just artists) followed proper etiquette and manners, this world would be a lot more relaxed and positive.

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Ryan Thompson