The New App "Turn" Makes Creating Audio Videos A Breeze!

We all know how stressful everyday life can be as an artist and anything to make both our lives and work flow easier is a must.

We are excited to be showcasing one of the newest apps in the industry that focuses on making your instagram life a little easier. Uploading music to Instagram is something we all should be doing. Unfortunately, unless you are tech savvy or want to spend some money, you don’t have many simple options at your disposal.

That’s where things start turning for the better today. Lee Martin, a developer who has worked in the music business for over a decade, has developed an app by the name of “Turn”. In short, Turn is a web based app which takes an image and audio file and creates a new music video which includes a rotating visual of your image. You can then share this video on Instagram & various other socials. Pretty neat eh? Simple and effective. Your work flow just became a whole lot smoother.

We had the opportunity to reach out to Lee personally and ask a few questions regarding Turn & a little about who he is!

Tell Our readers a little about yourself?

“I’m a developer who has worked in the music business for over a decade in both full time and freelance capacities. I was the first US employee of SoundCloud and have been building tools for artists ever since. I consider it a massive privilege.”

Why Did you choose to make the Turn app?

“None of the social properties allow you to upload an audio track but they do allow you to upload a video. I wanted to build a simple tool which created videos from audio but also visualized your audio in a manner that your followers knew something was playing. I believe the rotation accomplishes this.”

Are there any plans for the future of this app?

“I’ll be listening to my users to decide how to evolve the app. A couple of suggestions so far:

  • Being able to trim audio within the app

  • Paying to remove the watermark

  • Generating an artwork image that looks more like a vinyl record

I invite any and all feedback.”

Incase you are still wondering how this all works, you can read below or head on over to the Turn app and see for yourself. Furthermore, you can check out the example video below.

How To?

You create a video by visiting on your desktop or laptop computer and providing a JPG and MP3 file. You may also change the background colour of your video. Once you’re happy with the look you can then hit the “Create” button. That’s all there is too it!


@LeeMartin on Twitter

Turn can be found on both Instagram and Twitter as @TurnAudio

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