Music Marketing - Free Ways To Make Marketing Content

Whether you are a business, curator, artist, manager, producer, or any other various music industry personnel, you are going to need marketing material. We all need to make amazing graphics, artwork, ad creatives, and other marketing content to help maximise engagements.

This article outlines some of the best FREE programs you can use to keep your workflow light, comfortable, and professional.

No company here is a paid sponsor. We use these tools often and want to help you with your marketing efforts.

1) Canva

Canva is hands down our favourite "go-to" program. Canva is perfect for all static content. The templates are in the hundreds, and it provides thousands of shapes, images, icons, fonts, colours, etc. for you to use. You can export high-quality PNG's, PDF's, JPG, and other formats.

Canva can be used directly online or in-app. Canva makes our life exceptionally easy and everything made inside Canva is professional and ready to use for all commercial purposes!

2) Pixlr

If you feel like editing more in-depth than this is the tool for you. It's a free version of Adobe Photoshop. It can be a bit tedious at times as there is a little learning curve, but it is excellent for more extensive editing.

3) Icon Finder

A quick and straightforward platform to find thousands of ready to use icons for any project. Search whatever you want and download the icon for your project.

4) PiktoChart

Similar to Canva, PiktoChart focuses heavily on infographics and reports. The templates are professional and allow for unlimited editing & design choices. PiktoChart is a super user-friendly and easy to use program. If you specialise in reports or infographics than you need to use this.

5) Adobe Spark

Again, similar to Canva. All Adobe products are well made and the industry standard in most cases. Adobe Spark allows you to create professional graphics without the learning curve of PhotoShop. Check this out!

These are our favourites when it comes to making free marketing material for our business & brand content. In the music industry, you need to stand out amongst the endless noise. Skimping out on the graphic content can break you before you even begin. You need to have professional graphics. You want people to take one look at your content and engage.

Make sure to check out our article outlining our favourite paid programs to use!