Grow With Us - Getting The Most From Your Campaigns

When it comes to advertising, you are going to want to make the most of it. Especially those of us that have tighter budgets. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best ways you can get the most out of your Grow With Us campaigns.

Content is important

It will be a colossal waste of time and money running any campaign on Grow With Us (or anywhere for that matter) if your content is weak or non-existent.

Why waste money to show people your work/brand if it's not the best?

Does it make sense to direct people to a channel or playlist that has no content yet? No.

Do you want people to listen to a song that isn't mastered or mixed correctly? No.

First impressions are everything! Before running any advertising campaign, you will want to make sure your content is both consistent and exciting for your audience.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Branding is consistent & makes sense

  • Artwork is professional

  • All links work (Socials, tracks etc.)

  • No spelling mistakes

  • Any descriptions you may have been done and edited perfectly

  • Your actual content is interesting.

  • You keep engaged with your audience. (Don't go stale)

Having a solid brand & interesting content will drastically increase your chances of engagement rates from a campaign.


Everyone budget differs, we get that. Like any advertising though, you need a decent budget to get the most efficient results overall. Grow With Us is no exception. Those who spend $5 - $20 may not receive enough results to gain a conventional understanding of the data. The fewer conversions you have, the less you have to go by. An unfollow rate or lack of engagement based off of 100 conversions is a bit skewed compared to someone who gained 1000 conversions. You need as much data as possible to be able to analyse patterns.

Larger budgets seem to do better. If you have a larger budget to work with than make sure to utilise it. A larger budget allows the campaign a chance to get In front of more eyes, ultimately giving you more results. It starts that snowball effect which you want.

Targeting The Right Niche

Making sure you target the right niche of an audience to help keep engaged fans. It would be a waste in targeting Rock listeners specifically when you are promoting an EDM brand.

Example: If you are trying to grow a Spotify playlist that primarily focuses on Pop music, you are going to want to choose a targeted audience interested in Pop. Do not select a target such as Rock or Hip-Hop. If a Hip-Hop fan follows you in hopes of finding Hip-Hop, they will soon be disappointed and leave. Don't waste your advertising dollars on an audience that is the polar opposite of what you're promoting.

With that in mind, there is another targeting option you may want to think about trying, leaving your targeting option open to everyone. Majority of campaigns work exceptionally well with this. Why? Because the audience coming through The Husk are music lovers and find interest in multiple genres of music. Allowing your campaign to reach everyone possible with your budget allows for some fantastic results & engagement.

Remember**. You do not want to target a specific niche that has absolutely nothing to do with you. Campaigns who do this are most likely find a poor retention/engagement rate.

Run the right campaign.

Grow With Us has different campaign types. You can run the following:

  • Spotify Track (Impressions)

  • Spotify Growth (Conversions)

  • SoundCloud Track (Conversions)

  • SoundCloud Growth (Conversions)

  • AudioMack Track (Impressions)

When creating a campaign, you will want to make sure you are running the appropriate one. Make sure you understand the difference between conversion & impressions based campaigns.

Conversions are guaranteed initially. Every cent you spend is on a conversion (Follower, play etc.) Conversion campaigns are perfect if you want that direct return on investment.

Impressions are the most common form of advertising everywhere. You are paying to be seen. Every time someone views your campaign, you will deplete funds. There is no guarantee of any clicks or conversions of any kind. Impressions are a great way to reach as many people and build awareness for your brand & tracks.

The type of campaign you choose to run is for the right platform you wish to promote. If you want to promote Spotify, select a Spotify option etc.

A Good Bid.

To make sure you are seeing results and keeping your campaign active throughout your budget, you will want to have a good bid.

Conversion based campaigns start at 5 cents while impression based start at 1 cent. If you have too low of a bid relative to other bidders, you will have slower growth over time while mid-high bidders will receive the majority of the traffic.

It comes down to your personal preference, but overall, mid-high teir bidders see better results.

Engage with your audience.

Running a campaign on Grow With Us is the first step to attaining new fans, but what a lot of people forget to do is actually engage and reach out to new fans as they come in. Those who reach out are more likely to keep that new fan for a lot longer (even for life) than someone who keeps quiet. Remember to build relationships with these people. They came to you to listen and even possible become a super fan. Who knows.

Don’t be afraid to communicate!

With all these tips in mind, you will be on your way to more effective campaigns!