Grow With Us - Your Questions Answered

Our newly launched "Grow With Us" platform has been growing by the thousands since our launch in June 2017. The support we have been receiving is absolutely mind blowing and we couldn't be happier! 

Although the process of this platform is insanely simple, there have been a lot of questions regarding how exactly it works and what to expect. We are here to give you the rundown and answer the questions we have been receiving in more detail than a basic F.A.Q page.

Question & Answer

Where are the follows coming from and how do I know they are real?

  • This is the golden question. The amount of times we hear this is, well..endless. That is perfectly okay though! We want to hear your questions as it shows us you are being careful and educating yourself on a platform before using and to this we thank you.
  • So where exactly are these followers coming from? Simple answer: The Husk. When you create a campaign on Grow With Us and it is running, your account or playlist will be advertised through our Husk platform gates. This means you are being shown to over 40,000 (and counting) listeners per month. The followers who are coming through The Husk are real, active, engaged, and are craving new music. It is the most direct target audience you could wish for. There is no way any bots or fake accounts can come through our platform. The reason for this is because The Husk requires social action through a series of steps from a user. A bot cannot work its way through our system. This is the safest and most efficient way to grow organically.
  • If you still have any doubts you can read one of many testimonials we have on our site and you can always directly ask our many users or endorser, Headphone Activist.

How does the bidding work?

  • Bidding is very simple. The higher you bid the faster you will grow and the vice versa. You will always be able to see the top 10 bids at all times on the platform so you can gauge your bids accordingly. 
  • You do not have to be a top 10 bidder to grow. The top 10 bidders will grow faster then everyone else but you will still grow over time if your bid is lower. 
  • If you find you are growing too slowly you can change your bid at any time.
  • It works like any other advertising platform: Google Ad Words, Facebook, Instagram etc You are paying per acquisition. 

My campaign is over but the numbers do not match up? What the h***?

  • Remember that this is an advertising platform with real people who have a brain of their own. They think and feel differently than others and can choose to unfollow over time and sometimes pretty instantly.
  • If your campaign has ended and you paid for 500 followers but only gained 470, then this means there was 30 unfollows. Why? Who knows. There are a variety of variables as to why someone unfollowed. This is just one of those things that come with advertising.
  • This does not mean our platform doesn't work or you have been scammed. It simply means some users didn't see a reason to stay.
  • This is not a magic platform that makes users stay forever. This platform guarantees you the initial follower but it is solely up to you and your content to keep them there. Not us.
  • Lets put this into perspective, shall we? Think of your channel as a physical store. You have a product that you want to sell. You pay to bring 1000 people into your store but 200 decide they don't want to purchase or support the product. They turn around and leave. This is just how real life works. You wouldn't yell at these potential customers in real life saying "You're fake! You're such a scam". That would sound utterly stupid, wouldn't it? It's the same with our platform. These people are all real and some will decide to leave. There isn't one company in this world that has a 100% retention rate. That just does not exist. 

I have been running a campaign for a few days now and I haven't received anything?

  • There are two possible scenarios that could be causing your campaign not to run properly.
  • One: Your bid is far too low. If your bid is substantially lower than the top 10 bids, you will possibly be waiting a while to grow. Try raising the bid a few cents and gauge the speed.
  • Two: You put a wrong link in the campaign field. Make sure you put your correct username or URI to the account you wish to grow. We have had users accidentally put a different account in the field and pay for advertising to a wrong account.

Where exactly are we being advertised?

  • Similar to the first question, you are advertised through our Husk gates. We have over 40,000 listeners coming through to gain access to new content and music. You are alternating between gates at different times based on your bid. There are tens of thousands of gates through The husk which are all active. You are being advertised to a direct audience that is wanting music and a lot of it.

Why can we not choose our target audience? I make House so I only want house listeners.

  • While this may seem like a good concept and addition to the platform, it isn't. Why? Because this will make your niche way too small and will take forever to grow, you're limiting yourself to be heard by potential fans, the majority of people love to listen to a wide variety of genres, and most people tag their gates the wrong genre or no genre at all. For example, There may be 6000 House gates through the Husk but 90% of them are tagged as "Lit" or "Booyah" or something else along those lines. We wouldn't be able to put you in the accurate gates, therefore, wasting your time and money. 
  • There is just no way to properly track certain genre gates. Even if we implemented a check box style for our gate owners, they may still check it off wrong.
  • It is better and more efficient for you to advertise to everyone on the platform. Everyone is here for the music.

We will be constantly updating this as new questions arise!