Headphone Activist Talks Growth, Success, & Spotify!


Spotify, SoundCloud, Tours, & Revenue. These are some of the hottest topics when it comes to the music Industry. What most of us do not know, is how to utilize the tools out there to progress your career forward.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Headphone Activist and ask a few (but vital) questions regarding our Grow With Us platform, his success, and what he has personally gained from the use of this platform. 

Headphone Activist Interview

Q. How did find out about "The Husk"? 

A. Well, I have been networking with "The Drunken Coconut' team for a few years now. Recently I have been looking into moving my network over to Spotify from SoundCloud, and when I did some research, I found out about their new platform "The Husk" that is helping me do just that.

Q. Can you let artists, labels, and management companies know why growth and numbers are so important? (Brand, investors, tours, support etc)

A. Yeah, so it's pretty straight-forward. If I was going to invest my money into an idea or concept i.e. an artist, I would want to know what I am investing in. Trusting what the artists say they have going on isn't enough proof; I want to be able to see it. With SoundCloud lately, there are so many outlets where artists are buying fake plays and followers that you never really know whats real vs what isn't. However with Spotify, all the numbers are real, and the accounts who do pay for bot plays are shut down almost every time. Now, when it comes to building your brand, Spotify is the place everyone is looking to get real information on artists and who is legitimately trending.

Q. How has the use of Grow with Us helped your career as a whole?

A. In general, "Grow with us" is helping me take my fanbase on SoundCloud to the next level, and is helping me with the transition over to Spotify. As an artist who has been in this community for a few years now, I am at the point where monetizing my music is important to me. It helps fuel my career, pay bills, and create stability for me as a creative individual. With a platform like "Grow with Us" I am able to gain more traction on Spotify i.e. playlist growth, which leads to playlist trading, which leads to an increase in streams on my songs, which all ends with more monetized revenue to help me move forward.

Q. You recently solidified a new tour this December. How did this come about?

A. With booking an artist, everything is about numbers. Recently my team and I discussed groups I would want to work with as direct support for some of their shows. "Dirtwire" is one of the bands I am super interested in getting to work with. One of the things that helped with getting the conversation going was being able to show my recent growth on Spotify and how a lot of new markets were opening up to my sound. Working with Dirtwire is a real honor. With them sharing their stage with me, my team and I want to make sure we can bring some new fans of ours to their shows and help bridge the gap to make my fans become new fans of Dirtwire as well.

Q. You have been an endorser of our platform for about two months now. Can you let others know 3 reasons you think they should be using this platform?

A. 1. The Husk is helping me get ahead of the new trend of more underground music moving from SoundCloud to Spotify 2. The Husk offers a fast, affordable, and organic solution to grow your fanbase on Spotify, one of the toughest social media platforms to grow an audience on. 3. The Husk has quality customer service and makes sure to go above and beyond to help their clients out.

Q. How much have you grown since the use of this platform? (Monthly listeners, followers etc)

A. Hmm, let's see. My new song reached 80k plays in a month. It normally takes 2-3 months to see those numbers. My monthly listeners went from 55k to 110k in 2 months. I have also seen a jump in 1k followers and another 18k in playlist subscribers. My management team is stoked on this growth, to say the least.

Q. Has your substantial growth led to any new contacts or opportunities within the industry?

A. Of course. Anytime you create something and it goes viral you will see new emails coming in, phone calls being made to you, and more people reaching out. In general, my growth on Spotify is a direct result of using the tools "The Husk" provides. I just would like to say thank you to their team for everything they are doing to help all of us out with their platform.