How To Grow Your Spotify

*This article is focusing on paid advertising on Grow With Us*

*This article focuses on Spotify growth*

Spotify growth is something that every artist, label, business, blog, and curator want. They want to grow their presence, and they want it fast. The thing is, not everyone has a marketing budget to work with or is very limited in how much they wish to spend. Then there is the whole other issue on where to spend the budget so that you get the most out of it.

When it comes to the music industry, growth is essential. Let’s clarify first. Real growth is critical. We aren’t talking about artificial numbers that boost your popularity for a few minutes and then disappear. We are talking about fast, long-term growth that genuinely helps your brands exposure.

Chances are, most of you reading this have spent money on platforms or advertising agencies and didn’t get the return you hoped. We understand its tough. You can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign to gain little to no results. That’s no fun for any of us. Money and time wasted.

Let’s jump right in.

Spotify Growth

The most effective and cost-effective way to grow your Spotify channels and playlists is by using our platform, Grow With Us, the only platform of it’s kind. It's an advertising platform that guarantees results for growth. No money is wasted on impressions when it comes to your growth. You are only charged when you gain a new fan. This platform is the fastest way to grow a real audience. This platform is used by heavy hitters such as Big MGMT, Alicia Madison, Rec Play, Headphone Activist, Independent Music Group, MTS Management, T-Pain, and thousands more. There is a reason they are using this platform. It works. It allows you to pay what you want, grow your channels and playlists, track statistics, and edit/create unlimited campaigns. It’s entirely in your control. You will be able to build your Spotify channels and playlists with ease and only spend what you want to spend.

Spotify is a challenging platform to grow on and gain actual fans. There is a lot of artists who earn thousands of streams and monthly listeners but cannot convert those listeners to genuine followers. Followers are just as crucial as streams. You need to build a fan base to be able to reach out to directly. Grow With Us provides this.

There are plenty of scammy sites that give you thousands of followers for $5 or whatever, but these are bots and will disappear sooner or later. You also gain zero traction with bots. No brainer, but stay away from this. Our platform directs real fans from our platform The Husk. Every day, thousands of new listeners and music personal come through the platform to find new music. All our traffic comes from here. It’s real and direct. If you haven’t heard of The Husk before, you can check it out here. It is the first and only monetised download gate platform for artists.

Real People Means Real Traction Right?

Yes. The results, of course, will differ from person to person, but you are growing a real fan base. You don’t have to spend any more money on ads that don’t convert because our platform does every time. Keep in mind that just because you grow a few followers doesn't mean it will instantly correlate to new monthly listeners. It can still take some time once the new followers come in. As they are real people, they can choose to do whatever they want when they want.

More Fans = More Revenue

Once you start growing your playlists and channels, you will begin to see more streams. More streams give you a direct return on your investment. The more streams, the more revenue you earn from Spotify. It's a win-win. With growth, you will also be more accessible on the platform. When someone searches for you or something similar, you will pop up more often which will drive organic growth to your channel or playlist. It's a constant snowball effect. This also leads us to the trading side of the market. With your new numbers, you will be able to trade songs more effectively allowing you to reach out to a broader audience at once. You can read all about trading here. Another way of directly monetising your channel and playlists are sites like submithub. You will be able to earn revenue for listening to new music — pretty easy money.

We will be discussing freeways to grow your Spotify as well. Keep an eye out for it.