Kapre Talks About New Single "Fear" Ft Stephen Ingram

We are excited to have released a new single from Canadian artist Kapre! His new single titled "Fear" is absolutely fantastic. Filled with catchy leads, luscious chords, clean guitar, crisp percussions, and a stunning vocal performance! You are going to love this!

We had a chance to ask Kapre a few questions regarding his music endevours and, of course, about his new single "Fear". 

You can read the full interview below!


First things first, introduce yourself. Let the world know who you are, where you’re from and how long you have been doing music. 

My name is Aboudi Lahib, im from London Ontario in good old Canada.  Im 23 years old and I graduated from King’s UC at The University of Western Ontario with a double major in Criminology and Sociology.  My free time is pretty much comprised of making music and playing video games (a lot of Overwatch).  I’ve been doing music for about 7-8 years now, started out just like mixing loops and stuff and then about 5 years ago I actually decided I wanted to improve as a real artist, so I spent a lot of time watching youtube tutorials so I could eventually get to where I am now.

Who are your major influencers when it comes to producing music?  

3LAU has always been my inspiration, ever since I can remember I just wanted to be like him.  He not only makes amazing music, but he’s such a humble person and does so much for the world with his charity work, its inspiring.  One artist that I’ve been obsessed with for a while too has been Cry Wolf, he just has a way to his music that gives me goosebumps. 

What genres of music do you find yourself listening to daily?   

I get made fun of a lot for this, but I mainly listen to Country music and Broadway/classical music.  I rarely listen to EDM but I like it this way, because as you can hear from a lot of my music I take a lot of features from different genres and incorporate them.

Do you follow a certain formula when you write songs?  

Anyone who has ever collabed with me, or watched me produce can vouch for this, I am SUPER sloppy.  Like starting out everything is everywhere and then after the first day when I decide if im actually going to continue working on the song and finish it I end up cleaning it up and organizing everything.  But if it helps I usually start with chords? haha

Out of all your releases and/or remixes, which is your favorite and why?  

Definitely my remix of Vanic’s Too Soon.  Me and Jesse have been friends for years so when he released that song I sent him a text and he sent me over stems.  I knew it wouldn’t make it to the remix pack because my style isn’t exactly what the label was looking for but they agreed to support it still with reposts etc.  and I think just the fact that after all this time I still get to work alongside friends in the industry just makes it special to me.

What types of things inspire you to write?  

Like with most people it depends on my emotions at the time.  I usually try and keep songs happy feeling because I believe that the music people listen to affects their mood and I want my music to make people happy.  But I do use different emotional chords if I’m feeling down, or lovey ones if im feeling happy etc.

How much time do you spend writing per week?  

Depending on the week for me, sometimes I’ve gone weeks/months without writing any music because writers block or things come up and I just don’t have time.  But I do try and put in atleast like an hour a night, some nights like 7-8 hours, depending on the day.

What is the story behind your new single “Fear”?

Fear actually started as a trap song believe it or not, about a year ago it was a draft that I was working on with a friend but we just never did anything with.  Then I came across the project file and decided to turn it around and make something new with it.  It went through about 4 different genres before I got it to where it is now.  It went through 2 other vocalists before getting to Stephen, and for those of you who have heard Stephen’s music before, know exactly why I was pumped to put him on this song.   

Did you write this song by yourself or was it a collaboration? 

So the original project from a year ago was me and J. Esho, then I scrapped everything except a couple guitar chords and then wrote the rest.  Lyrics and vocals were done 100% by Stephen, 

Did this song easily come to you in terms of writing? Or were there any struggles?  

The writing of it was fairly easy, I went through a lot of different versions of it but there wasn’t anything that really had me stumped.  When there was times id have a minor writer’s block I just took a few days off and then came back to it.

Was this song recorded at a studio or from home? Do you prefer one over the other?  

I have my “studio” in my bedroom haha, got a little corner with everything I need so the production took place there.  The vocals were recorded at Stephen’s place and then sent to me.

Where can people listen/stream this new single?  

Fear is out on all major streaming services and stores, also on the Drunken Coconut. 



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