Fetish (HMD Re-Edit) By AYLS

AYLS is a very talented vocalist & songwriter from LA and she definitely delivers on her newest performance with a re-edit of "Fetish".

AYLS is one of the vocalists that you will find hard to ignore. Her performance on "Fetish" is so effortless and brings a ton of emotion and power, making for one hell of a release. Her performance is rich, smooth, and quite simply, mesmerizing. It isn't often you hear a vocalist that stops you in your tracks and makes you say "Wow".  

We are super excited to be showcasing her today as her talent cannot go unnoticed. AYLS has unlimited potential and she is just getting started! You will want to keep AYLS on your watch list. We have her on ours! 

Additional Info

"The music nerd in me loves to make covers. It's all about hearing what else can fit inside the harmonic and rhythmic spaces yet to be touched by the original. What I loved about the original "Fetish" were those very spaces. Selena Gomez's voice floats on top of sparse, moody instrumentation, and it really creates the trippy, almost disturbing vibe of the song: there, the idea of "Fetish" seems destructive. But I also heard another song in this one, where a fetish isn't always destructive, but perhaps productive and generative. So when I partnered up with HMD and producer Colin Liebich at Plastic Dog Recording, we flipped it - the harmonics are different, and so is the mood. Who knows, maybe having a fetish isn't such a bad thing?  

Ayls (pronounced ails) is a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter. Haute Mobile Disco (HMD) is a music collective that specializes in DJ production and performance. This track was produced, mixed, and mastered at Plastic Dog Recording in Los Angeles, California.

"Fetish (HMD Re-Edit)" is available for streaming on SoundCloud and Spotify."

You can stream the release below.

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