In My Arms (feat. Jamie N Commons) by Grizfolk

We are absolutely thrilled to be sharing one of our favourite releases of 2017! This new single titled "In My Arms" by the talented band "Grizfolk" is sensational. We would be lying if we told you we had a specific part that stood out more than others as the entirety of the song is perfect.

As soon as you hit play on this single, you will be immediatley hooked. The intro is filled with soft and catchy guitar that slowly builds into something truly unique. The drums and percussions are crisp, clean, and simply gorgeous. Next, the main vocal line hits and hooks you in. The catchy & powerful vocal line mixed with a perfect instrumental makes for something truly special.

We can't forget to mention the organ breakdown which is a beautiful touch to this production. Everything about this song is flawless. The arrangment, sounds, melodies, tone, power and overall production is huge. 

Grizfolk have outdone themselves with their newest release! It's no question as to why they have such a large following and making waves around the world!

You can stream "In My Arms" below on Spotify. Be sure to add this song to your playlists!

Spotify Stream

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