Gregorio Torres Releases "The Bugle" & "Set It Up"

The talented producer, Gregorio Torres, has recently released two tracks for free through his SoundCloud. Gregorio is only 17 years old and is starting to make quite a name for himself as an artist. His two new tracks "The Bugle" & "Set It Up" bring you something very unique.

The Bugle is a very catchy track filled with poppy bass, unique and catchy brass breakdowns, fun vocal fills, and very soft melodic chords. This track is full of uplifting vibes that will have you playing it on repeat. You can take a listen to The Bugle below!


Set It Up is a very groovy G-House track that brings nothing but happy and deep vibes! Gregorio has brought this production to life with perfect percussions, catchy vocal hooks, groovy pluck bass, and memorable melody grooves. This production will have you dancing right back to the 1970's as it has a beautiful retro disco feel! Make sure to listen to this track below!


Make sure to follow Gregorio Torres on SoundCloud below:

The Drunken Coconut


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