Tiger Tiger Brings "Reality".

Exceptionally talented artist, Tiger Tiger, brings you a magnificent bone-chilling new song by the name of “Reality”. This song is perfect from start to finish in every way. It is one of those songs that hooks you in so deep that you drift off into another world. 

The Vocals:

Tiger Tiger has such a distinct voice that hits every note perfectly. Tiger Tiger’s voice is so hypnotic that you will find yourself deeply emerged throughout the song. With her talented vocals and beautiful processing, this makes her voice one of a kind. 

The Production:

The overall production is full, seamlessly arranged, and is almost haunting in it’s own way. The deepness and psychedelic grooves make this track very unique and memorable. Reality is, to simply put it, gorgeous.

The Music Video:

Tiger Tiger has also released a full length music video that is just as perfect as the track itself. This video takes you on a deep journey with stunning visuals. The video is kept minimal yet portrays a strong sense of emotion. You can check out the video below.

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