Chris Meagher Releases "Awkward".

The name “Chris Meagher” is going to be one you will be hearing more and more of very soon. This talented artist from North Hollywood has released an absolutely stunning alternative punk rock song called “Awkward”. In the words of Chris Meagher: “This song was wrote, sang, produced with my heart about a girl ripping it out.” This is something we have all experienced and what better way to express that feeling than through music.

“Awkward” is simply perfect. It is on par with bands such as “All American Rejects” and “All Time Low”. As soon as this song starts you will be hooked. From beautiful vocal performances, heavy hitting power chords, catchy breakdowns, upbeat percussions, and gorgeous guitar riffs, you will be bobbing your head all day while singing along. 

This song will no doubt become a major hit this upcoming year. The professional production level and the way it speaks to everyone personally is what makes this song so perfect. It is a breath of fresh air. We will stop talking about this now so you can take a listen below!

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