Alvin Risk Releases New "EVER" EP.

The world renowned Dj and artist, Alvin Risk, has released his new EP today and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Alvin has brought this EP to life with four sensational tracks that will stop you in your tracks. The pure beauty of these tracks is not to be missed. Each track is an instrumental all ranging in length, emotions, sounds, and arrangments that will intrigue you every second of the way.

You can take a listen to Alvins new EP below.

"The four instrumental tracks have his signature heavy bass driven sound with unpredictable arrangements and dark psychedelic influences. The EP is self-released on his new label Memory Ltd. It is available free for download on Soundcloud and streaming everywhere else. Below is a quick write up and the artwork."


After undergoing surgery on his vocal chords Alvin Risk was left without the use of his voice. Unable to speak his only outlet was music. He set out alone, to a cabin in the woods, and created the foundation for a new EP. From that time of silence and seclusion ’The Gate’, ‘The Spook', ‘The Craft’, and ‘Ever’ emerged.

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