Liyah Bey Releases "Can't Stop Loving You".

Are you ready for a vocal performance unlike any other? We have a treat for all of you today! We are excited to be sharing a talented vocalist by the name of Liyah Bey who has just released her new single titled "Can't Stop Loving You".

"Can't Stop Loving You" is beyond stunning and defines the word perfection. The vocal performance is what makes this track shine. Liyah's vocal talent is absolutely insane. The amount of power and emotion she brings to each note is sensational. You will be left speechless. We promise you that.

Not only is her vocal performance enthralling, but the instrumental accompanies her voice perfectly. It's filled with soft piano and crisp percussion that will have you hooked from start to finish.

You can check out her new release below.

About the artist:

Los Angeles vocalist and songwriter Liyah Bey is set to release her stirring piano-led single “ Can’t Stop Loving You ” in September 2016. 

It was clear Liyah was born for the stage when aged 1 ½ she surprised her parents by singing Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend” from start to finish. She first performed live at the age of 10 where she was asked to entertain thousands of people at Israel’s Ben Gurion University’s Student day Celebration. This was where her destined music journey began. 

Liyah later performed with the Israeli ensemble “Lady Soul, A Tribute to Aretha Franklin”, a group whose touring show spanned a critically acclaimed two-year running streak. Her success in her home country brought her to New York, where she recorded with Kool and the Gang, and was invited to perform with Pras Michel in Moscow (replacing singer Lauryn Hill). The next step was a move to Los Angeles in order to continue pursuing her dream. 

Liyah’s voice radiates passion on her newest single “Can’t Stop Loving You” and is now working towards release a greatly anticipated debut EP in 2017.

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