Ziegler Co. Releases "What A Life".

The London-based Alternative-Indie-Pop band known as Ziegler Co. have released their new single titled "What A Life" and it is wonderful.

"What A Life" is one of the catchiest Indie-Pop songs we have heard in years. It brings a simplistic and uplifting vibe that will keep you intrigued from start to finish. There is absolutely nothing about this song that isn't pleasing.

Ziegler Co. brings an alluring vocal performance that will captivate you from the very first lyric. The calming, yet powerful vocals are what makes this track truly shine! There isn't a time during this song you won't find yourself singing along! 

The instrumental is equally as inviting as the vocals! "What A Life" is filled with perfectly crisp guitars, clean acoustics, slide guitar fills,  appealing percussions and everything accompanies the other perfectly.

This is a song you will have on repeat for months! 

You can take a listen below!

Ryan Thompson