Ross Henry Releases "Flux".

The exceptionally talented Australian artist Ross Henry has released his newest single titled "Flux" along with an astounding music video!

The amount of emotion, story-telling, and energy brought to life throughout this song is beautiful in every way. This video and song push the boundaries of the current music industry making Ross Henry a definite artist to watch in 2017!

"Flux" is an electronic piece that will take you away to another world and escape reality. It contains infectious soft synths, mysterious spacey atmospheres, a stellar vocal performance and a story like no other! "Flux" is a true masterpiece in every way imaginable.

Excerpt from Press Kit:

Maintaining the track’s atmospheric essence, the clip features an ethereal-looking Henry, being doused in brightly colored powders and metallic liquids. The framing erratically shifts between scenes of nature, extreme close-ups of the human form and collections of otherworldly images, providing insight into humanity’s volatile relationship within planet Earth.

Henry explains the motivation behind the video:

“’Flux’ is about transience, movement and how a shift in dynamics can foster or erode a safe space. Through physical experimentation, I looked to explore scale, texture and time to convey the idea of vast global transitions. Similar to recent single “The Deep”, the video for Flux utilizes the same fundamental techniques I use to produce electronic music.”

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