Aeora Releases "Boss-y".

The exceptionally talented Australian vocalist Aeora has released her new single titled "Boss-y" and it is astounding.

Aeora brings us a chilling new single that is filled with an enthralling vocal performance. "Boss-y" has raw emotion and powerful/commanding vocals that will hook you in from start to finish. There is no doubt in our minds that you will love every second of this performance. According to her press release, she focuses on "country singing techniques" and "draws together her experiences of being a teenager" which add that amazing raw talent she brings to the table with "Boss-y".

The instrumental is equally as powerful and mesmerizing. It is filled with soft and warm chords, crisp percussion, hypnotic string elements, chilling leads, and a deep warm bass to tie everything together as one. It is sensational! The relaxed and chilled vibe brought to life within this song makes for a perfect release.

In Lisa’s own words: "Boss-y is about being a woman, being insecure about certain things I do and feeling a bit shut down by people. That's how it began. And this idea of being confident coming across as 'bossy' because I'm a woman"

You can take a listen to "Boss-y" below.

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