Hartway Releases "Beyond Feat. Lesley Williams".

The Australian duo known as Hartway have released an infectious new summer house groove tune titled "Beyond" featuring the astounding vocal performance from Lesley Williams.

"Beyond" is exceptional, delightful, and groovy! As soon as you dive into this song you will instantly be smiling and grooving away! This song has a luscious groovy sax lead that hooks you in every time you hear it. You will have this sax melody in your head for months. The deep bass is melodic and warm, the percussions are crisp and clean, the vocal performance is eccentric, the main melodies are infectious, and the overall production is perfection!

Disco, summer house, and tropical are the main vibes and atmosphere that this song brings. What more could you ask for? It's perfect! So sit back, close your eyes, and escape into the groovy abyss that awaits you!

You can listen to "Beyond" below.

Press Release information: 

Based in Adelaide Australia, Conor and Jack joined forces in 2016 with the vision of creating electronic music that can be performed live and in the moment. Operating independently, Hartway are dubbed as having enormous promise by the likes of @lukemillion and @oisima. Heavily influenced by jazz and blues, the duo are bringing the funk back to electronic dance music.

After spending valuable time in the studio as winners of the @fresh927 Producers Series, ‘Beyond (feat. Lesley Willams)’ is Hartway’s prerelease single from their highly anticipated ‘Motions’ EP. Bringing a fresh perspective to classic groove-based music, the five-track piece offers a unique journey through acid-jazz and nu-disco, and showcases their stylistic variety and instrumental prowess. Evoking a sense of modern nostalgia, it's music that takes you to where you'd rather be.

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