Ruben Young Releases "Take Her Down".

The talented artist Ruben Young, from Calgary Canada, has released his newest song “Take Her Down”. We are extremely excited to be featuring this new song as it is beautiful in every way.

It is a deep house track that is very laid back and chill. It has a stunning vocal performance that will give you chills! The vocals are unique and have a nice blend of clean and raspy. These vocals sit beautifully over the equally stunning instrumental. The production is crisp, clean, and professional! You will hear catchy melodies, awesome use of FX, swelling synths, percussion fills, and a lovely deep baseline that brings everything together! 

This is going to be a hit this year! Make sure to keep an eye out for Ruben Young!

You can listen to “Take Her Down” below. Show you support for Ruben by giving him a follow!

The Drunken Coconut

Ryan Thompson