Cloudchord Releases New Single From Upcoming "Imprint" Album.

Artist CloudChord has released his new single from his upcoming album titled “Seven Sisters”. This release is one of the most beautiful instrumentals we have ever heard. It’s a mix of tropical, deep, progressive, and future house. You are going to be blown away on this magnificent journey in which this track takes you on.

“Seven Sisters” is a “guitar-meets-trumpet chill out track”, and is the first single off CloudChords upcoming album “Imprint,” out on March 21st.  Dive into infectious guitar patterns, beautifully chilled vocals, melodic vox chops, crisp percussions and a stunning clean trumpet lead. This release will take your breath away! This is just the first track of 12 which will be on his upcoming album.

CloudChord describes his upcoming album “Imprint” as “ The album is a feel good tropical-meets-future-bass affair, mixing straight beat and broken rhythms with live guitars. Each of the 12 songs symbolize a significant moment or phase of life. “Seven Sisters” represents family and community.”

You can pre-order the album here:

You can listen to “Seven Sisters” below.

Ryan Thompson