The Federal Empire's Track "I Never Liked Your Friends" Gets a Stunning Remix.

LA band by the name of The Federal Empire have released a stunning remix of their track titled "I Never Liked Your Friends". 

If you have not heard the original we highly recommend checking it out as well! This may be one of the catchiest tracks we have ever heard. Seriously. This is simply perfection.

Casualkimono is the artist behind this beautiful summer tropical remix. This remix is sensational and brings a perfect twist on the original alternative rock release from The Federal Empire. Get ready to dive into luscious melodies, infectious grooves, catchy leads, beautiful use of vox chops, stunning breaks, and an overall summer house vibe that will make a good day even better.

The vocal hook alone is enough to have you hitting that repeat button for weeks! When you hear this remix you are going to be grooving the rest of the year! This is the next 2017 summer anthem. 

The Federal Empire are definitely on our "Ones To Watch" list!

You can listen to "I Never Liked Your Friends" below.

Ryan Thompson