DYLAN.JK.VOGT - Hush Ft. Nikki Carabello (OUT NOW)

Talented artist DYLAN.JK.VOGT, has released his newest track "Hush Ft. Nikki Carabello" on SVNSET WAVES and it is beautiful. 

Get ready to emerge yourself into a stunning chilled-out track filled with beautiful swelling chords and leads. The vocal performance on this track is sensational. Hush will have you closing your eyes and escaping into an unknown world of beauty.

This track is minimalistic with perfected sounds that will move your journey forward. Hush is such a beautiful track that it will be over before you know it, as you will be so deeply emerged inside its beauty.

There isn't much this track doesn't bring to the table; Vox chops, clean production, enchanting leads and melodies, and so much more! 


Hush by @dylan-jk-vogt featuring @nikki-carabello is part of RISING TIDES 005, a collection of music dedicated to shining light on artists with less recognition than they deserve, each with under 500 followers on SoundCloud, so be sure you support the artists and show them some love.

RISING TIDES 005 is out now, so be sure you download it for free from the SVNSET WAVES Bandcamp.

Take a listen to "Hush" below.

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Ryan Thompson