Rheya Releases "When No One Else Is Around".

The talented artist Rheya, has just released his newest single called "When No One Else Is Around".

This beautiful track brings a soft and relaxed vibe that will keep you hooked over and over. You will dive into a stunning journey that will tell a beautiful story. While you have emerged into the music, you will be delighted with softly plucked guitars, chill bass and melodies, and a perfect vocal performance. This is a song that will be stuck with you for years to come. It is simply stunning.

The channel Varo says; "RHEYA is a solo project of a Swedish artist who keeps his identity hidden. For lovers of dream pop and old Captured Tracks-bands like Wild Nothing, this is something to add to your playlists."

You can listen to "When No One Else Is Around" below. We can't get enough!

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Ryan Thompson