Anna Freedman Releases "Big Plans".

The very talented vocalist, Anna Freedman, has released her newest track "Big Plans" and it is gorgeous.

"Big Plans" is the first single off Anna Freedman's debut EP, which will be released on March 30, 2017. This track contains many beautiful sounds that will take you away to another world. The vocals are the Coco-butter of this track! The performance is simply stunning. Anna's voice resonates with you in many ways. It is soft, powerful, and her pitch is perfect. You cannot help but love her voice.

The instrumental is equally as beautiful. "Big Plans" contains amazing guitar leads, distorted synths, upbeat percussions, soft acoustics, brass sections, and they all blend perfectly with one another. We are positive you will love this track from start to finish!

You can take a listen to "Big Plans" below!

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The Drunken Coconut

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