Moglii Releases "Girl feat. Ben Werchohlad".

Talented German artist known as Moglii, has released his track "Girl" and it is pleasant in every way.

Moglii does not disappoint with his release of "Girl", which has now over 130 thousands plays on SoundCloud alone. "Gir"l is a unique track that mixes a lot of different elements into one. The overall vibe is very chilled and deep that has beautiful breaks and sounds that will have you grooving along too.

The production level is in another world with this track. The synth work is crisp and stunning, the vocals are soft and powerful, percussions are beautiful that continue to move this track, the piano is deep and clean, the FX are used brilliantly throughout this track, and you will be left wanting more.

Taken from Moglii's press kit:

"The song is about regrets, and bad decisions. There are moments you have to grasp and those where you should take a look at what you already have. But sometimes that just doesn't work out and you end up making a decision that you regret. That's what the lyrics are about. Making a mistake that you're stuck with and keeps your mind imprisoned." - Ben

The production in "Girl" is based on both analog and electronic components, which work to shape each other, and define the soundscape. The intention is to create a body which is filled with organic drums, soulful vocals and vibrating synthesizers.

""Girl" lives through Ben's soulful vocals in combination with a warm piano rmelody and digital sounding elements. The production creates an "underwater“ like atmosphere, which reflects the meaning of Ben's lyrics." - Moglii

"Girl" is a track you need to add into every single one of your playlists. You will have this on repeat for days.

Stream "Girl" below.

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