Oyinda Releases "Serpentine".

We have a very beautiful treat for you today! To say perfection, would be an understatement of the new release from the talented artist "Oyinda".  

Oyinda has released her new single "Serpentine" and it is sensational in every way. The way this track makes you move, the way it makes you feel, the way it speaks to you and the way it flows is almost too good. We mean that from the bottom of our hearts. 

This track is full of everything great. It contains a vocal performance like no other, a deep tone sensation that will give you chills, beautiful synth sounds, crisp percussions, and everything seamlessly flows as one. 

From the moment this track starts, you are thrown into a deep trance that you can't escape, and it is gorgeous. Dive into another world and just let your mind roam free. We wanted to touch on one of our favorite parts of the track: The breakdown. At around 2:20, the song cuts to a dead silence and then hits you with the crispest, deep and clean bass you have ever heard. Your ears will be exposed to something so gorgeous you won't want it to end. The way this bass swells and "fills" the track is a thing of beauty. 

Not only is the production pure gold, but there is a fascinating video that goes with it. This official music video is so visually pleasing and unique, you will want to watch it constantly. We won't say anything more about it, just see for yourself below. You can listen to " Serpentine" below.

All of Oyinda's socials can be found on her website here:


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