PLAZMA Z Releases "LvL 1 (Flagship Protocol)".

Get ready for something truly amazing and unique! The talented American artist, PLAZMA Z, has released his newest track, "LvL 1" and boy is it full of energy!

This track is nothing but fun and energetic from start to finish! Get ready to level up with this retro gaming soundtrack mixed with many modern elements such as dubstep, synth-pop, and much more! 

Dive into your fondest memories of when you would sit and play video games 24/7. (We all did it at some point) This track brings out the purest of good vibes and nostalgia. As soon as you hear this track you will be taken back to the good old days where you would sit and battle in different worlds defeating enemies, leveling up, and creating some of the best memories of your life! This is Lvl 1. 

Here are some words from PLAZMA Z himeself:

Well! 4 and a half months to make this song, and I poured my heart and soul into this one!
Level 1 brings feelings of Nostalgia and captures the feeling of playing old-school video games from your Childhood. Recapturing every emotion from success at every level up, every time you found a chest with new items, Each time you got a move combination down, to rage quitting after losing to a flawless victory, falling down a pit, getting hit by the same enemy seconds before killing the boss, and the moment when you forgot to save the game before turning off the console. Welcome, to Level 1.

You can listen to Lvl 1 below. Make sure to give PLAZMA Z a follow on social media:

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Ryan Thompson