A$AD Releases "Party In L.A".

If you love Drake & Kanye, you are going to love the new release from A$AD. His new release titled "Party in L.A" features the vocal talent of Pablo and brings pure Hip-Hop and R&B vibes.

This track is smooth, vibrant, is filled with tight percussions, crisp vocal lines, and a deep synth that ties everything together. You will love the vibes this track brings to the table.

You can listen to "Party In L.A" below.

More about the Artist:

Taking from such greats as Kanye West and Kid Cudi, a$ad has developed a creative passion for bringing his musical ideas to life. He brings artists together to create something bigger than us all. He pursues this passion- growing every day- to try and move people. Music moves people... and they are always looking for something new. Something fresh. a$ad is ushering in these fresh new sounds with his creative visions- giving the people what they've been waiting for. The story of a$ad has only just begun. With an imagination as big as his, there is no telling what the future will hold.



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Ryan Thompson