K O L T B A C H Releases "Superego".

Talented artist K O L T B A C H from New Hamburg Germany has released his newest single "Superego". This minimalistic electronic synth track is soothing and provides an escape from reality. 

"Superego" brings spacey synths, soft percussions, beautiful illuminating piano, brilliant atmospherical FX, and a journey you will never forget. Close your eyes and listen to the beautiful sounds that are delivered through "Superego" and let your mind go free.

Escape reality and take a listen to "Superego" below.


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You are invited to make/remix your own version of "superego". No registration, no anything! For further instructions please visit koltbach.com

Music: Jan-Christian (Janosch) Groth
Mastering: Maximilian Hardinghaus (Milian Mastering) 

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