Leslie Clio Releases "Darkness Is A Filler".

The talented Berlin based singer-songwriter Leslie Clio has released "Darkness Is A Filler". The first offering from her upcoming album Purple, "Darkness Is A Filler" brings forward an ageless soulfulness paired with wonderfully modern production.

We cannot begin to express how much we love this song. It is honestly perfect in every single way. The way this song makes you feel and move is a thing of beauty. The vocals alone are enough to give you endless chills. The power and talent that Leslie Clio brings is sensational. Just perfection. The instrumental is soul-full, deep, meaning-full, full of depth and emotion, and takes you away to another world. You just cannot get enough of this track.

You can listen to "Darkness Is A Filler" above.

Press Release:
"Stating influences such as Sam Cooke and John Lee Hooker, Clio peppers the track with bold melodies, pop nous and lyrical acumen, which weaves in and amongst dark, introspective soundscapes, layering and vocal manipulations. With the lyrical content revolving around “love, idiots and heartache”, the record encompasses a sound which is a culmination of her past, and a nod towards the future of tasteful, female fronted soul pop such as Adele, Lana Del Rey, and Banks."

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