Jeff Baker Releases “Bed Bug”.

The talented artist Jeff Baker, from New York City, has released a beautiful commercial pop track that will blow you away.

This may one of the most infectious tracks we have ever heard. It is vibrant, catchy, contains beautiful guitar melodies, soft percussions, and brings a beautiful vocal performance. This track is pure fun and keeps you hooked from start to finish.

The chorus and breakdowns are sensational. You will be singing and dancing along instantly. This is one of those songs that will be stuck in your head for months.

You can listen to “Bed Bug” below.

About the Artist: 

Jeff Baker Sounds a totally independent solo artist based out of New York City. He spent the past 2 years as the frontman for pop-punk band "Fathers of Medicine" based in Bangkok, Thailand. Since returning home, he has continued creating music as a solo artist. Jeff's recordings are a unique blend of acoustic singer-songwriter melodies and electronic elements that are sampled and created within protools. All of his music is free on

Follow Jeff Baker:

Twitter and Instagram: @jeffbakersounds

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