Jess Gallo Releases “Medicinal”.

The talented artist Jess Gallo, from The United States, has released a soft and luscious indie Wave tracks titled “Medicinal”.

There is something about this track that you can’t just turn away from. You are constantly drawn into this beautiful piece of music. It is full of soft guitar strums, acoustic vibes, backing synths, crisp percussions and fills, and a vocal line that is infectious to say the least. The harmonies between both vocalists; Jess Gallo and Samson are remarkable. You will instantly fall in love with their styles.

You can listen to “Medicinal” below.

About the Artist: 

My name is Jess Gallo, I am 22 years old and I make waves from my bedroom. I've been splashing these waves since about the age of 8 and haven't stopped ever since. Music, first started as an outlet for me to express my passion for writing. However, I didn't start experimenting with my voice/sound until I was 13. As my fascination for the music world expanded I started to experiment as a vocalist/drummer in many different Alternative/Indie bands, including acoustic sets with my sister. This would later influence me to embrace my raw indie sound. After high school I happened to cross paths with a group of local producers that introduced me to the rap/hip hop world and this is when I began to be really intrigued. We started a group that consisted of local artists and performed shows around our area, as well as larger venues around the country. After experimenting with many genres and styles, I began to embrace being more unorthodox with my music. Allowing myself to experiment as a genre-less artist. Putting out music that ranged from contemporary to hip hop. I became ingrained in the idea of breaking the mold and incorporating all of the styles that had molded me over time. I appeared on season 8 of NBC The Voice and Pharrel Williams noted my voice was "left of center" in a world all it's own. Today I take my unique style, with a little extra female badass'ery, I write all of my own music and ride the waves.

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