Leila Dey Releases "3:44".

The talented artist Leila Dey from Toronto Canada, has released her newest R&B Hip-Hop track titled "3:44".

"3:44" is full of soul, raw emotion, and solid grooves that will keep you hooked from start to finish. The melodies are infectious, the vocal performance is stunning, the percussions are crisp, the breakdowns are catchy, and the whole production is on point. This will definitely become a top hit track in the R&B scene this year. It has already made its way into Apple Playlists and received commercial radio air time here in Canada. It is safe to say that Leila Dey is making waves internationally and for good reason. Keep your eye on Leila as 2017 is looking to be a big year.

You can listen to "3:44" below.

About Leila:

Leila Dey has been dubbed many times as Toronto's R&B princess. Hoping to live up to the title, Leila has been quietly working focused on quality over quantity. Her most recent release 3:44 in less than a month has already made it onto 3 prominent Apple Playlist: Breaking R&B, Hot Up in the 6ix, and most recently Ebro Darden Playlist. Canada has also shown love by playing not only 3:44 but also Vibe on CBC, G987FM and VIBE105FM.  

Follow Leila:
Twitter: @leiladey

IG: @leiladey

Website: leiladey.com

Ryan Thompson