Lazer eyes. When he stops and stares, things explode.

The World, meet Lazer Eyes. When he stops and stares, things explode. The artist Van Broh, has created something truly unique that we are excited to present to you today. 

Lazer Eyes: the electronic dance opera, a massive collaboration that brings a full musical odyssey to life.

Lazer Eyes tells the story of an unlikely hero who must rise to the occasion, and free us from the evil mind-controlling screens of the dastardly Reflektor. For the full narrative, you can go to You are going to experience a stunning story Through-composed neo-classical/house/experimental hybrid music that changes constantly. There is never a dull moment.

"Fully staged production coming in NYC this fall, brought to you by interdisciplinary production company In addition to an amazing cast of talented singers (some featured on the album) and dancers and acrobats, it will also feature fiber-optic lazer-light-wire provided by our team’s mechanical engineer, of SpaceX pedigree."

You can listen to one of the tracks below titled "It's Coming To Life".

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The Drunken Coconut