Ezra Jordan Releases New Single "Drag Me Down".

Toronto artist, Ezra Jordan, has released his debut single, “Drag Me Down” and it is refreshing in every way. His keyboard-oriented music blends R&B and pop – creating a sound that is soulful, refreshing and authentic.

We love this track from start to finish and we know you all will to. The passion, emotion, and power throughout this performance and instrumental is astounding. Every single element works flawlessly with one another to bring a crisp and beautiful production.

Dive into sensational pianos, infectious synths, chilling vocal performance, soulful and uplifting vibes, crisp percussion, and a perfect blended mix that showcases all the elements of an R&B-pop infused release.

[Ezra was born to write songs. As the son of legendary Canadian songwriters Marc Jordan and Amy Sky, he grew up in a house full of music. Even though he's only 23, Ezra has been writing songs for years and is now ready to share them with the world. "Drag Me Down " is the first of many coming releases from Ezra’s debut project.] - Excerpt from press release

You can listen to "Drag Me Down" below.