Viviola Releases A Stunning New Single "Flesh".

The talented Austrian artist Viviola brings a fresh and gorgeous new chilling release titled "Flesh". We are very excited to be showcasing this single for you all today. This may be one of the most soothing and unique tracks we have heard this year! There is something so beautiful and catchy about this release that you can't ignore.

"Flesh" has a unique blend of soft, yet powerful synths, crisp percussions, an astounding vocal performance that will leave with your chills, clean piano, stunning melodies and an overall beautiful production that is flawless in every way. Viviola has outdone herself with this performance and we can't wait to hear her future releases!

"Flesh" is a track everyone needs in their lives and should not hesitate any longer to listen. You can listen and watch the official video below.

We know you will love this!

About Viviola:

Viviola is an Austrian music duo formed in Vienna. It was found in 2016 by singer-songwriter Viktoria Schoeffl and music producer/sound designer Mario Wienerroither. They define their music as "epic ecclesiastical erotic electro". Musically, Viviola is driven by rather unconventional chord progressions and structures, harmonized vocals and a genre-mixture ranging from soundtrack, electro-/art pop to singer-songwriter. Spare and haunting production and subtle synthesis of organic sounds are significant features. The idea/concept of Viviola represents subconscious impressions or conflicts which have entered consciousness; the lyrics stand out due to repeatedly occurring opposites and contradictions: lightness and weight, permanence and transience, spirit and flesh,  all of which indicate an essential part within the subject that is sung about. - press kit excerpt

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