Carlos Cipa & Occupanther Release "Trow".

Greetings from the Drunken Coconut and allow me to introduce to you Carlos Cipa. Carlos is a multi-instrumentalist and favors the piano throughout his compositions. In his latest single entitled Trow, Carlos uses classical chord progressions and unique percussion elements to fuse classical music with up-tempo sounds. His chord progressions though... definitely carry you into a euphoric realm of emotion. There are songs where vocals carry the weight of the track while other compositions share balances between vocals and melodies, and then there are those rare gems we discover where a particular instrument is what we remember most out of a song like how Carlos Santana strums through his guitar or when Carlos Cipa plays through various chord progressions.

You may ask yourself, what makes a chord progression and when would I use it? Take your thumb, middle and pinky finger and if you’re in front of a piano or have garage band on your phone play the first three keys that come to mind. Though it may sound harmful on one ear it may sound amazing on the other. The exciting part is that you’re already starting to formulate your own triad chord progression while being able to relate to Carlo’s chord progressions in Trow. Some songs require a lot of layering of sounds while others stand out with minimal instrumentation applied. Carlos establishes the piano as his voice and his chord progressions as his words.

Listen to "Trow" below.

P.S. If you’re still interested in learning on how to make a chord progression but lack the music theory behind it, it’s ok because you can still learn!
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