Lynn releases a gorgeous new track along with a stunning video!

Lynn is no stranger to pushing the bar higher and higher each release. There is no slowing down for this young and talented artist. We are constantly listening to her music and are always on the edge of our seat waiting for her new releases.

We are more than excited to be sharing her new release with everyone today! Lynn's new release titled "I Used To Cry" is one of her best performances. It is true beauty packed with a ton of power. To make this performance even better, Lynn has produced an enticing and visually pleasing video to go along with it. 

The video has everything you could possibly want while maintaining a simple, yet powerful message. There is no flashy over the top edits that plague today's music video scene which is what makes this one of a kind. You can view the video above and see for yourself. 

If you have yet to hear or follow Lynn, we recommend stopping what you're doing and do so immediately. You will not regret it. Lynn is one of our artists we keep a very close eye on and it's only a matter of time before she "blows up".