Marc Wulf Releases New Single "Eclipse"!

The new single titled "Eclipse" by Marc Wulf is dark, deep, enticing, exciting, and powerful. It is a truly unique single that takes on fresh sound design and multiple genres of music. There is never a dull moment within this track and constantly keeps you engaged from start to finish. The vocal performance is perfection. The emotional and powerful driven lyrics and performance make for one to remember.

This track takes you on a journey through light and dark. It is a fun, yet haunting, ride.

"Marc's expression on this track is haunting, yet beautifully expressed, playing both sides of the duality of light and darkness. Serenity and rage come together in this epic soundscape adventure. "Eclipse" holds a mirror up to the pitfalls of modern relationships through the eloquent detailing of the shadow aspects that hide behind our perceived love for one another. 

"Eclipse" is also a feature track in the upcoming horror film "Ryde," set to release in theaters on September, 15th, 2017 and can be heard in the theatrical trailer." - Press Excerpt from Marc

You can watch the trailer for "Ryde" that features Marc Wulf's new single "Eclipse" below.

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