The talented Artist CRÈME showcases her new album!

We are super pumped to be showcasing the extremely talented artist known as CRÈME and her new album “Brülée”.

CRÈME was raised in NYC in which she was consumed by the world of arts and music. She was quickly finding herself fascinated with the electronic music genre and culture. The fascination and obsession with this genre sculpted her to who she is today. Everything you hear from CRÈME is influenced heavily by the electronic genre.

CRÈME is known as a “one-woman synth-based army” (We love that!) and everything she does is entirely written, produced, and performed by her and her alone. Remarkable to say the least. The talent with this woman is endless! During the past year she has been growing steadily across social media’s and generating tens of thousands of streams worldwide. She is currently sitting with almost 80 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify alone. You will be wanting to keep an eye on the name CRÈME as she will be taking the music scene by storm in no time.

The Album

CRÈME’s new album “Brülëe” consists of five amazing tracks that are available to stream below. Each track has it’s own unique sound and structure but you will hear the definitive sound of CRÈME in each one. Her take on music is unique and that is why she stands out from the plethora of artists out there.


This energetic track brings a little bit of everything. You will be able to hear dominate elements of complextro, pop, trap, & electronic. The vocal performance is unique and our favourite element of this production. The use of FX and auto-tune make the vocal not only unique & interesting, but downright phenomenal.

Echolocation Blind

This track is a bit more on the chilled side of things, yet still packs a punch. The sound design within this production is gorgeous. It’s melodies are fun, catchy, and unique. The vocal performance is once again, very well done. We could see this song as one of a movies main soundtrack! You will be listening to this over and over!

Above Ground

This single brings a synth-electro-pop styled vibe. The sounds are punchy, catchy, and downright fun. There is a lot happening with the vocal in this production in terms of FX, tuning, pitch etc and it works perfectly. Everything comes together to create something truly awesome!


This one is one of our favourites on the album. It’s definitely different than your typical tracks you hear on the radio today, and that’s why we love it. It’s so..out there. The sounds, arrangements, & vocals are so interesting in their own way, yet together it makes a stunning production. If you like weird synths, energy, guitar riffs, and unique vocals, then this will be up your alley!


This is the last song on the album and definitely takes things down a notch. That’s not to say it;s any less awesome than the other tracks. This single is very pop-trap focused. Tons of drum fills, pop-vocal lines, heavy synth chords, and an overall production that is catchy.

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