Veronica Fusaro - Venom

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Stunning. Perfect. Powerful.

The talented Switzerland based pop-singer Veronica Fusaro is debuting her first North American release titled “Venom”.

“Venom” brings a mix of both beauty and darkness. The instrumental has a jazz tone throughout it’s entirety and is packed full with raw power and emotion. Venom is filled with horns, huge builds, chilling melodies, and a vocal line that brings the song to life. Veronica’s vocal performance blew us away and we know it will do the same to you. The freshness and power of this production is what makes it so special in just about everyday. Hypnotic is a good way to describe what this song can do to you.

Be warned that beauty can also be evil and venom is just that.

"Venom" is a confident and gripping soundtrack to a story of poison and spite. - Press Excerpt

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