"Rock With Me" - An energetic pop song that keeps you moving!

We have something extremely unique to share with you today! We are pleased to be showcasing the new single from Robert James titled “Rock With Me”. This energetic pop song is unique and just plain awesome.

“Rock With Me” contains some of the catchiest sounds and melodies we have heard. The entire production is flawless and the arrangements are smooth. You will hear the lyrics capture the heart and soul of pop/rnb love tunes. The vocal line is just one of the epic traits this song carries. You are going to hear catchy pop-synths, energetic drums/percussion, distorted guitar riffs, and a whole lot of power that continues until the song ends. You are in for a very special treat with this one!

Oh, and we wanted to mention that Robert James is Kid Rocks (Yes, Kid Rock) son. Although he has a famous and talented dad, Robert assures everyone he is his own person and brings his own style and passion to the music he writes. Everything he does is through his own dedication and love for the music. Nothing is handed to him.

“It’s time to give it my all; it’s time to remind myself why I do what I do. Regardless of bloodlines, I’m a product of Detroit, Nashville and beyond. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.” (Robert James)

You can stream the new single below!