Artist Sarai's New Single Brings The Energy!

When we first heard Sarai’s new single “Let Me Let You In” we fell in love with it. It is chalked full with powerful vocals and energetic arrangements. This single brings elements of pop, electronic, and hints of reggaeton. The entire production, in which is self-produced, is flawless.

We absolutely loved the deep groovy bass with epic and energetic synth leads that hit hard. The vocals are next level. Super catchy and extremely easy to listen too. The lyrics are relatable and easy to sing along to.

One of our favourite things about this single is how it starts off so calm and slowly builds into a huge breakdown that takes things up a few notches. This dance track is perfect for your playlists.

“This track is about letting go of things, relationships and situations that do not serve you. There are so many distractions, deadlines, people making demands, many things that don’t deserve the energy they require. This song is about taking back control and focusing on those things that are good for you. Its about saying no because there are more important things to say yes to.” - Sarai

You can stream the single below!

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